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If the fighters in the battle at Tollense likewise had multiethnic origins, Terberger said, it might mean "these were warriors who were trained as warriors." In other words, they were professionals,not simply villagers defending their farmsteads in a local dispute.The archaeologists are still searching for answers to the mystery at the heart of the battle: Why was it fought?Greg Hardy made a damn good decision switching over to MMA ...'cause the former NFL star is already takin' out UFC fighters -- so says his boxing coach, Billy Padden. but told us Hardy's killin' it at American Top Team (ATT) -- an MMA gym stacked with heavy hitters like Junior dos Santos and "Bigfoot" Silva.At least in their chemical profile, the warriors also closely resembled the slain soldiers found in a nearby mass grave at Wittstock.

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Billy says Greg's a "natural born fighter" -- and even has a shot to be 1 of the best in the world.

C., spread along the banks of the Tollense River, about 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of Berlin.

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