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01-Jun-2017 10:43

THANKS AND HOPE YOU CAN HELP On October 14th, 2017, my husband (Tom) and I flew United Airlines from Great Falls Montana, to West Palm Beach Florida.My husband had a board meeting he had to attend in West Beach Florida the following day.Finally after 6 hours we were told we had to spend the night in Denver and we could only fly to Fort Lauderdale in the morning and we would have to rent a car to get to West Palm Beach.Our luggage was lost and it took til that night to finally track down our luggage in Denver.In addition, I had to take an uber to work that morning costing me another . It is a hard cover case the corner was crushed plus it has a cut on the side, and can't be repaired. I WAS VERY UPSET WHEN I HEARD THAT SO I GOT IN ANOTHER LINE THEN THEY TOLE ME THE COULD GIVE ME A FLIGHT THE NEXT DAY AT AM THE NEXT MORNING, I SAID OKAY THE AGENT TOOK ALONG TIME PROCESSING WHILE SHE WAS SPEAKING SPANISH TO HER CO WORKER AN THEN SHE TELLS ME THATS ALREADY BOOKED AND THE NEXT FLIGHT OUT WOULD BE PM THE NEXT DAY. 23 still waiting for partial refund for me and my wife on this flight no AUDIO or internet food was terrible !Lastly, I had to pay for an extra night of storage for my vehicle() since I couldn't drive it home. Also I had given when i booked in september row 8 from EWR to SNA why this was then changed to row 23A I don't know. I TOLD HER I COULD NOT WAIT THAT LONG BECAUSE I WAS A DIABETED AND NEEDED MORE MEDICINE THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE AM FLIGHT WAS AVAILIBLE. long time frequent flyer Ulrich Schaupp AR 821024 while my flt mileage from newark nj to denver was 1604 miles each way ie 3208 times 2 tickets=6416 miles ,i only received 595 miles per ticket=1190 total miles.My husband's board meeting caused him extreme difficulty and we have to re schedule a meeting which is a huge expense.WE would like to be compensated for all of our additional expenses while flying with United Airlines.

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We fly all over the country and we know that their are situations that occur beyond anyone's control but we felt the United did not have appropriate customer service in making us wait for 6 hours before we could make different arrangements.

I think that is very unfair and I will never have my husband back and he worked hard for you and he is in heaven and Ive been flying a different airlines but I don 't know how long I have left so I would like to fly United one more time for my husband.

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