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A loss of media or scratches, often resulting in a loss on the surface, extending to the paint and ground layers, caused by faulty cleaning, friction as well as where the frame touches the painted surface.The abstract qualities in art are those which are independent of a work's resemblance to external reality.Moreover, history painters had long simplified modeling, form and texture in order to create more universal visuals, and in almost every painting and drawing manual of the time painters were warned against getting lost in distracting detail.However, the true broadness in Vermeer's rendering is adequately appreciable only when his paintings are compared to analogous works of his contemporaries.The ability of the human mind to abstract may also be linked to the limitations of its memory system.Throughout the twentieth-century, the term "abstraction" was regularly summoned to describe certain aspects of Vermeer's style.

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In Vermeer's paintings shapes are abstracted, on a few occasions to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

By reducing visual complexity abstraction increases perceptual efficiency allowing us to recognize objects, evaluate movement and orient ourselves in space with great rapidity.