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And rest assured, the roti prata, its star dish and titular hero, good.

The official opening of the Roti Culture is slated for Friday, 1 December 2017, but a few days previous to that Wu Chun hosted a small gathering for the local media to sample some of Roti Culture’s signature dishes.

Join Chun as he tells his past story to a young man named Arron Yan that he couldn't be able to see with his eyes before he was blind.

Chun Wu is in love with Rainie Yang but alas, he's also in love with Ella Chen, the witch.

Some of these dishes contain signature recipes contributed by Wu Chun’s family that dates back to the 1980’s.

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This is the public profile of Chin-Chun Wu, Additional information and high-resolution images are available for accredited press members, to access additional information about Chin-Chun Wu please login as a press member.

� The downfall of it is Chun's mother "despises" witches. Like I have said, I am going to re-write the Taiwanese fanfic called It All Started With a Kiss.

� But he couldn't help to fall deeply in love with Ella. Then one day, she was gone, only for him to realize that the love he always wanted and needed was just right in front of him, only, he chose to ignore it. The plot and the storyline is different from the previous one. I hope you all like the new story as much as the previou Hey there! I'm a newbie and if I make mistakes on grammars, i apologise beforehand :) (English isnt my First Language) I'm not very good at descriptions but without further a do, this is a CHUNELLA Fanfic :) Hope you guys enjoy! Comments really motivate me and I hope someone comments, even if it's a bad comment it's alright, it's telling me that someone is atleast reading my story so, COMMENT PLEASE hehe (its the on Tian Fu Zhen, Aaron Yan's ex-girlfriend dated him for money and hence, they break up but Aaron was deeply hurt. One year later, two girls transfer to this university where Aaron and his friends were there.

Recently returned from shooting the very popular tv show “Daddy, where are you going?

” that boasts online views of more than 5 billion in China alone, and recently awarded the 2017 Net Ease Most Influential Artiste Award in Beijing, the busy international artist managed to find time to serve everyone signature dishes from Roti Culture and socialize with the local media.

It’s true that most Indian restaurants in Brunei don’t have the most alluring of interiors – it’s either basic to a fault or dressed up like a frilly living-room – but any gaudy interior shortcomings will fade away if the roti prata is good.